Thursday, 27 May 2010

points for data collection

Dear All,
K.K. Roy is summarising some of the feature of NREGA on the basis of which you can collect datas and go for fact finding.
i. Whether the job card has been given free of cost and whether the photography was done free of cost or some money has been charged?
ii. Whether the job card is with the person or it is with Gram Pradhan or any other authority?
iii. Whether application for job is properly received and acknowledgement is given or nor?
iv. Whether the unemployment allowance is given to the applicant after 15 days of receipt of his application seeking employment?
v. Whether the wages are given as per the declaration or not?
vi. Whether the Gram Sabha conducts social audit of all project taken by it or not?
vii. Whether there is any grievance redressal mechanism at block level existing or not?
viii. Whether there is any facility of safe drinking water, shade for children, period of rest and first aid box at the work site.
In case the number of children below the age of 6 years accompanying the women working at site are 5 or more, provision shall be made to depute one of such women worker to lookafter such children and she shall be paid wages.
- Whether the list of persons provided work are displayed on the notice board of Gram Panchayat or not?
- Whether medical facilities are given, hospitalisation is provided in case of injury?
Proper maintenance of muster roll.
- The nature of work
  Whether it is productive or not?
Distance of work site from the village.
Whether it is in radius of 5km or more.
Howmany days work are given.
Who is holding the pass book of bank of the person employed.
We have to also lookafter the fake persons shown in the muster roll who are paid wages without work.
With regards

Bindu Singh
State Coordinator
Right to food & Work Campaign U.P.
L-40, VDA Colony Chandmari,
Lalpur-II, PO. Sarnath (Lamhi)
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